Marketing audit

Marketing audit

An audit is an evaluation of what you have already done to identify what works well and possible areas of improvement.
This way, you can set your priorities and include them in your step-by-step plan.

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A marketing assessment boosts:

Evaluate your marketing

Marketing audits show business owners and marketing managers which efforts are successful and the weaker links. This allows you to make the necessary changes to keep your business thriving.

Marketing maturity scan

This scan maps out 9 marketing areas. Discover how your data-driven marketing measures up and discover your roadmap to more marketing maturity.

Content audit

We evaluate the performance of each piece of content, so you know what content to keep, repurpose or remove to achieve better performance.

Sociale media audit

We evaluate your social media channels and statistics so you can take action to improve your social presence

SEO audit

We evaluate your website’s ability to rank in search engines on three pillars: content-based, technical, and competitive SEO

Google Analytics audit

80% of Google Analytics and Tag Manager accounts are set up incorrectly. We give you insight in what you need to change to get more accurate and better data.

CRO audit

You are wondering where buyers drop off in the sales process? Through website and customer journey analysis, you get advice on how to improve your conversions, including possible A / B tests.

How we perform marketing audits


We ask many questions to get more insight into your challenges and expectations.


We investigate your current status and verify it based on quantitative and qualitative data.


The report gives you a complete picture of your current status, including opportunities and concrete improvement points.

Next steps to "always-on" marketing

Buyer Journey

De kopersreis bestaat uit een reeks beslissingen verdeeld over de tijd en over meerdere contactpunten. Als je deze inzichten hebt, zet je bezoekers doeltreffender om in leads of klanten.

Data & Analyse

Accurate data geeft jou enorm veel inzichten zowel op strategisch niveau als zeer gedetailleerd. Zo kan je weten welke euro wat opbrengt, maar evengoed hoe bezoekers zich op jouw website gedragen. 

Content marketing

Boeiende en inspirerende content is de brug tussen jouw doelgroep en bedrijf. We bieden content op maat: van e-books, landing pagina’s, social media tot video en podcasts. Zo leg je de basis van jouw inbound marketing.

Lets continue the conversation

Do you want to take a close look at a certain domain or your entire marketing? Have you just had something done by someone and want an independent party to review it? Are you wondering where you can do better?

We would love to help you out.

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