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Data analysis: facts, not guesswork

Every business, small or large, has data to gain valuable insights to further improve and optimize your marketing efforts for better results.

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A few examples of data-driven marketing are:

How do we get you ready for data-driven marketing?

We breathe data. We support you to set up the right measurements and reports and provide the necessary training so you can analyze and interpret your data yourself to make more effective decisions.

Data audit

over 80% of Google Analytics accounts are not set up correctly, which affects your marketing decisions. We evaluate your current data environment for accuracy and completeness.

Data Optimization

Then we work with and instruct the right experts to make sure your data tools (Google Analytics, marketing automation, CRM or others) are set up correctly and that you have deployable reporting.

Training in data & analytics

The ability to extract insights from your data is essential to doing anything with it. Markitect trains your team in data analysis so you can confidently apply data-driven marketing.

Lets continue the conversation...

Is your data coming through correctly? Do you want better reporting? Is data scattered across different tools without being linked?

Do you have a question about this? We will gladly help you. 

What customers ask us about data analytics

Next steps to "always-on" marketing

Marketing automatisation

The buyer journey consists of a series of decisions spread over time and across multiple touch points. When you have these insights, you more effectively convert visitors into leads or customers.

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A/B testing

Through testing or experimentation, you can systematically improve your conversion rate. This methodology is going to give you much more insight and results than large expensive campaigns.

Content marketing

Valuable content is the bridge between your target audience and business. We offer customized content: from e-books, landing pages, social media to video and podcasts. This is how you lay the foundation of your inbound marketing.

What is data analytics?

Data analysis is the process of analyzing data collected through a survey, interviews or applications. The goal is to gain insights from the data in order to make more informed decisions.

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