Customer Experience Journey

Customer experience journey

Customer experience journeys provide an overview of how your customers experience your company across different channels and contact points. Many studies show that companies that score well on customer experience grow faster. Others do not.


Markitect creates customer journeys based on buyer personas, research, and data up to mystery shopping.

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Companies that provide a great experience throughout the buyer-customer journey will:

Along with the buyer journey, you gain visibility into the entire customer cycle

Together we map the customer experience journey

Define the objectives and the teams

The customer journey serves as the reference source for designers, product teams, salespeople, customer service, and marketing. It’s best to determine what you want to achieve  and set up a cross-functional project team.

Select the best customer journeys

Customer journeys include many things that can happen before, during, and after the purchase: onboarding, technical issue, appointment setting… We evaluate which customer journeys can have the most significant impact on the customer experience.

Gather insights

With the project team, we list all touchpoints, channels, thoughts, emotions, feelings, statements, pains, and pleasures that a customer may experience. Further, we define where and how to measure and implement the customer experience.

Analyse the data

Once we have collected enough data, we compare performance against the targeted KPIs to determine areas for improvement and potential opportunities.

What is a customer experience journey?

A customer journey map visually sets out all of your customers’ experiences with your company or brand. Often people also use the term buyer journey. The buyer journey is about the decisive moments and stops at the purchase. The customer journey or user journey maps all experiences, possible perceptions, and emotions before, during, and after the purchase.

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Buyer Journey

The buyer’s journey consists of decisions spread over time and across multiple touchpoints. These insights help you convert visitors into leads or customers more effectively.


Customer Relationship Management is the centralization of all customer information so that everyone can help your customers quickly and efficiently. We support you in choosing, selecting, and deploying your CRM.

Content marketing

Engaging and inspiring content is the bridge between your target audience and your business. We develop SEO-optimized content, so we simultaneously strengthen your inbound marketing.

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