Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing​

There are two ways you can approach marketing as a business.

You can send your message to the customer and spam potential customers en masse like traditional outbound marketing does.

Or you can create reasons for the prospect and customer to come to you, the inbound marketing approach. Which would you prefer?

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Inbound marketing requires the will to really step into your customers' shoes.

By understanding your audience in terms of motivations, challenges, successes, barriers, decision criteria…. you will be able to help them and they will begin to trust you more. It has been proven
that companies using this methodology achieve better results:

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What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is the business methodology for growing your organization by building lasting, meaningful relationships with your prospects and customers.

It’s about using relevant content to add value to these individuals and enable them to achieve their goals at every stage of their buying and customer journey with your company.

Methodology and philosophy

Inbound marketing is a strategic way of thinking that differs from traditional marketing. It is a more effective way to create the experience people are looking for, rather than disturbing them and forcing your message on them.

With inbound marketing, you draw prospects to you, so to speak, which means their intent is already higher than other visitors. This delivers more sustainable growth in the long run.

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Benefits of inbound marketing


Inbound marketing sets you up for the longer term as opposed to short-lived campaigns.

Lead quality

Prospects come to you on their own terms. Consequently, they are more sales-ready and their intention to buy is higher.


As you help potential customers, you build a relationship with them that increases their trust. It's all about mutual communication.

Let's continue the conversation...

Want to apply inbound marketing? You don’t know where to start or you want to optimize this further? Markitect has +20 years of experience in the successful implementation and application of inbound marketing. We are happy to help you.

Next steps to "always-on" marketing

Buyer Journey

De kopersreis bestaat uit een reeks beslissingen verdeeld over de tijd en over meerdere contactpunten. Als je deze inzichten hebt, zet je bezoekers doeltreffender om in leads of klanten.

Marketing automatisatie

Ondersteun jouw inbound marketing door de communicatie naar kopers te automatiseren en te personaliseren. Gebruik content in workflows om bezoekers te blijven engageren en pas lead scoring toe om koopklare leads te identificeren.

Content marketing

Boeiende en inspirerende content is de brug tussen jouw doelgroep en bedrijf. We bieden content op maat: van e-books, landing pagina’s, social media tot video en podcasts. Zo leg je de basis van jouw inbound marketing.

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