Buyer journey

From isolated touchpoints to complete buyer journeys

According to Gartner, buyers spend only 17% of their time with potential suppliers during the entire buying process because they have so much online information to search for a solution.

In addition, there are so many channels and touchpoints that it is quite a challenge to reach your potential customers with the right message.

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Do you know for each buying phase:

A buyer journey lets your team focus on one goal: leading prospects to the moment of purchase in a seamless way. We’ll help you to increase buying motivations and reduce friction.

Together we create your buyers’ journeys

Listen to your customers

We invite your customers to talk about their challenges when making purchasing decisions. During these interviews (see also buyer personas), we ask questions to avoid vague answers that don't tell you anything.

Check who still decides

In B2B, a buying team often consists of 5 to 8 people. Who are the others? What are their tasks? In B2C, you often have individuals who help influence the purchase.

Listing all the buyers' questions

We list all the questions and tasks that come out of the survey to map them on the buying process. This shows you what you're doing right and where you might need to fill in some gaps.

Outline the buyer journeys

We choose one main question for each purchase stage and a few others. We apply these to the customer journey along with other information. These insights help you deliver targeted relevant information.

Customer experience journey

Let's continue the conversation...

Do you want clear insight into your buyers’ buying process? Do you feel the need to revisit an existing buyer journey? Discuss it with us.

Your next steps to "always-on" marketing

Marketing automation

Automate and personalize your communication to prospects and buyers. It is a powerful tool with the right strategy, knowledge and setup to attract, convert and delight customers.

Website optimization

Does your website follow your buyer journeys? Are the navigation, information and flow logically aligned with the buying process of your target groups? We improve websites so visitors find what they need faster.

Content marketing

Engaging and inspiring content is the bridge between your target audience and your company. We offer customized content: from e-books, landing pages and social media to video and podcasts. Strong content is the foundation of inbound marketing.

What is a buyer journey?

A buyer journey maps the complete buying process of your potential buyers. A purchase process consists of many decision moments spread over a period, usually starting with a search on Google. Make sure you keep conversing by offering useful content, thus bringing the buyer one step closer to the purchase. It’s like flirting where you want to get as much attention as possible from your sometimes “hard to get” target and move them to the next stage.
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