Rank higher on Google?

Many companies miss opportunities to rank better in search engines, including Google Images and YouTube.

You will see your results improve by focusing on content and technical SEO. Did you know that competitive SEO also gives you many insights into your competitors’ approaches?

There are a lot of quick wins that can make a significant difference to increase your performance.

Successful expertise in SEO

We go for constant optimization by strengthening the marketing fundamentals. Search engine optimization ensures that you attract organic website traffic without having to pay for it. It also indirectly affects your search or online advertising (SEA), which can be complementary.

Keyword analysis

Not all keywords are ideal to rank well. We do a thorough analysis to select the best keywords for your business to start with.

Website SEO analysis

We look at the findability and performance of your website in search engines. We give you concrete actions to address this or we can do it for you.

Competitive SEO

How are you performing relative to your competitors or partners? What are they focusing on? What works for them and what doesn't? Get more insight into how they are betting on findability.

Technical SEO

Technical infractions make it difficult for search engines to navigate, index and finally rank your website. If they can't do this, they're not going to understand your content either, and thus not display it.

Let's talk further

If the shell of your home is technically sound, the interior design will be much more up to par. Nobody likes to see cracks and damp spots on the walls, right? Search engine optimization is part of your shell and, if done right, will make your content marketing perform much better.


Do you want to be found? Our specialists will be happy to discuss this with you.

Next steps to "always-on" marketing

Buyer Journey

The buyer journey consists of a series of decisions spread over time and across multiple touch points. When you have these insights, you more effectively convert visitors into leads or customers.

Conversion optimization

CRO or conversion optimization is a methodology to systematically improve the performance of your website through testing. Markitect invariably applies this methodology.

Content marketing

Engaging and inspiring content is the bridge between your target audience and business. We offer customized content: from e-books, landing pages, social media to videos and podcasts. This is how you lay the foundation of your inbound marketing.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym that stands for “Search Engine Optimization” or search engine optimization. This means optimizing your website so that search engines such as Google, Bing… can read it better and value it.

Search engine optimization consists of several components:

Without content there is no way to rank. Each piece of content from text, images to videos, adds value to SEO. It’s all about setting up your content, using the correct markups and writing your meta tags smartly. Google uses these to describe your page in search results.

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