Buyer persona

Take the guesswork out of your buyer personas

Personas are fictional people who bring your target audiences to life, making it easier to attract and retain them with the right message at the right time through their favourite channel.
Plus, you make more informed decisions about when and how to invest your marketing budget.

Why knowing your buyers is so essential

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of B2B companies prefer the company that delivers the best buying experience
0 %
do not meet customer expectations during the evaluation
0 %
quit a purchase because the competitor offered a better purchase experience

Source: Salesforce

Our buyer personas give you clear insights on:

In combination with the buyer journey and the buying process, you can create content adapted to your personas’ different buying phases.

Markitect's 4 steps to actionable buyer personas

Customer Information gathering

We step into your client's shoes. Through workshops, data and client interviews, we gather the necessary information and use the "5 Rings of Insight" framework from the Buyer Persona Institute.

Analysis and bundling of information

Once we have all the data, we aggregate the information based on the similarities and patterns we see in the buying behaviour of your buyers. Then we start creating the profiles.

Creation of the buyer persona

A persona needs to come to life. That's why we create the persona in an attractive visual format with name and photo along with their key touchpoints, terminology, decision criteria and goals.

Maintenance of your personas

We train your team to conduct interviews and enrich the buyer personas with new information as it becomes available. Buyer behaviour changes over time, so keeping them up-to-date is crucial.

Buyer persona by markitect

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Your next steps to "always-on" marketing

Buyer Journey

The buyer’s journey consists of a series of decisions spread over time and different contact points. Having these insights helps you convert visitors into customers more effectively.

Data Analytics

Accurate data gives you enormous insights both at a strategic level and in great detail. So you know better which Euros are profitable and how visitors behave on your website.

Content marketing

We offer tailor-made content: e-books, landing pages, social media and podcasts. Relevant content strengthens your inbound marketing strategy because it builds the bridge between your target group and your company.

What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona informs you about the comings and goings of your buyers as they consider their options for meeting a need that your company solves. The better you know your potential customers, the more relevant you can be to them.

How do you get to know your customers and their decision criteria? How do you stay abreast of their changing needs and wants? By creating actionable buyer personas that we can help you with.

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