Content marketing

Content marketing: the right message at the right time

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant content to attract and retain a clearly defined target audience.

We put together the right content marketing mix from textual content such as blogs, landing pages, and emails to audiovisual formats, including video and podcasts.

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Good content marketing promotes

Inspiring content that attracts and converts buyers

A solid content marketing strategy forms the basis for a successful content plan. This consists of an appropriate combination of marketing messages, formats, and communication channels that you send at the right time. Therefore, it is elementary that you:

Content marketing from A to Z

SEO copywriting

White papers, landing pages, blogs, product pages … we write them so that they are content optimized to rank better on search engines.

Video marketing

Video is a primary medium in your content marketing mix. The more authentic it is, the more people like it. 


We support you with from start to finish with your webinar: adjusting your message, pimp up your presentation, dry-runs and more

Landing pages

We create and optimize landing pages using growh marketing techniques that drive your visitors to one focused goal. 


An image says more than a thousand words. Markitect works with various photographers, each with their specialty.

VR, AR, holography

New technologies mean that they are not yet massively deployed. This can make your message stand out.

In need of content marketing & communication?

Markitect supports you wholeheartedly to help your content marketing flourish.

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