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Optimize your marketing technology

Too often, the marketing technology stack is a dumping ground of underutilized, overlapping, and isolated tools that hinder rather than support your business.

What is a marketing technology stack?

A marketing technology stack is the combination of different software services or tools used to perform all marketing activities, including customer acquisition, conversion, retention, team communication, customer insight and reporting.

The supply of easy accessible >8000 applications fosters the proliferation of apps in your martech

This leads to scattered data, inefficiencies, and often higher costs.

If any of these questions make you think, then it is advisable to map out your marketing technologies as a first step toward optimization.

The elements to optimize your martech

Marketing technology or martech is a collection of tools that marketers use to execute and improve their marketing activities. We have assembled a package of 4 components tailored to the SME to optimize your martech.

Martech audit

Through screenings and interviews with your employees, we map out your marketing technology infrastructure, incl. the internal tech knowledge, cost and use.

Optimization marketing technology

From the audit, we review what adjustments need to be made in consultation. Then we create your marketing digital transformation roadmap.

Data flow map

Data is spread across all kinds of tools. A clear view of where what data is located prevents errors, duplicate data, etc.

Imagine tomorrow

Your customer journeys indicate which technologies you best deploy to best serve customers.

Lets continue the conversation...

Ben je het overzicht kwijt over welke technologieën je allemaal gebruikt?  Benieuwd naar de verbeterpunten in jouw digitale marketing transformatie?

Contacteer ons en we beantwoorden graag jouw vragen

Volgende stappen naar "always-on" marketing

Marketing automation

Automatiseer en personaliseer jouw communicatie naar prospecten en kopers. Het is een krachtig hulpmiddel mits de juiste strategie, kennis en opzet om klanten aan te trekken, te converteren en te plezieren.

Lead management

In een workshop inventariseren we jouw bestaande content en koppelen we deze met jouw buyer personas en journeys. Na de workshop weet je hoe je jouw content kunt inzetten en welke leemtes er nog zijn.

Content marketing

Boeiende en inspirerende content is de brug tussen jouw doelgroep en bedrijf. We bieden content op maat: van e-books, landing pagina’s, social media tot video en podcasts. Zo leg je de basis van jouw inbound marketing.

What is marketing technology?

Marketing technology, also called martech, is the collection of tools to automate your marketing. These are classified into the following categories: advertising & promotion, content, social media, e-commerce and sales, data and management. The goals one wants to achieve by using marketing technology are: working more efficiently, increased marketing ROI, better decision-making, greater competitive advantage and data security.

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