Website optimization

Website optimization for better performance

You paid a lot for your website, then you deserve it to pay off. Besides scoring in Google, your website must convert. What do lots of visitors mean if they do nothing on your site?

To avoid assumptions, we evaluate your website from the customer’s point of view, supported by data and user tests. With the application of conversion optimization systems, we optimize performance.

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What can you expect?

We deliver you a clear report with our findings supported by facts. We complement this report with concrete actions to increase the findability and efficiency of your website. This provides you with a working document that your team or website manager can use right away.

Here you can see some of the many aspects we take a close look at.

Value proposition

A clear value proposition determines the potential for your conversion rate or return. 


Does your website deliver what your visitors expect, does it match their needs and feelings?


How easily is your value proposition communicated? This also includes the visual eye line, visual elements, texts and CTA.

Smooth experience

We evaluate every step in the visitor journey to make it as easy as possible for your visitors.

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Conversion optimization

We systematically increase the percentage of visitors who take a specific action ranging from email registration, downloads, and video views to purchases.


Make your website rank better in the results pages of search engines. This is what we invariably work on both through content, technical and offsite SEO.

Content marketing

Useful and relevant content is the bridge between your target audience and your business. We offer customized content: from e-books, landing pages, social media to video and podcasts. This is how you lay the foundation of your inbound marketing.

What is website optimalization?

Website optimization and SEO optimization are often used interchangeably. SEO is about the findability of your website, which of course is also important. Website optimization is about your website converting.

What are you with visitors if your website does not navigate easily, the message is not clear, the visual flow is not logical or if it is not user-friendly? In short, your website should encourage visitors to take more action, that’s website optimization.

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