Marketing automation

Marketing automation

Attract more visitors and convert them into quality, ready-to-sell leads

To fully utilize marketing automation, you need knowledge of what such a tool can do and the philosophy behind it. Unfortunately, the vast majority of SMEs use only part of the technology. That’s a shame, because you pay too much for what it’s worth to you and you miss a lot of opportunities to communicate more effectively with buyers.   

Marketing automation can deliver on the big promises, provided you leverage more than standard emailing and reporting.

We can help you take full advantage of your marketing automation so it can deliver on its promise.

What are the most commonly used marketing automation techniques?

Email automation
Basic segmentation
Personalization with dynamic content
Advanced segmentation
Lead scoring

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Maximize your marketing automation's potential

Determine your goals and KPI

Technology alone makes scale possible. Its success depends on how you handle it yourself and what you want this technology to do. If this is not yet clear, we will help you determine it.

Identify your needs

We start with the users and stakeholders to get clarity on what they should be able to do so that the chosen technology does what your organization can handle, no more and no less.

Selection of technology and partner

Based on the input, we determine which technology best suits your objectives. Then we look for the implementation partner. Vice versa, you are limited to the technology the partner works with.

Use the technology at its fullest

We guide your team to make full use of the possibilities such as using the website data, A/B testing, setting up lead scoring, retargeting, social media integration etc.

Marketing automation engine

Lets continue the conversation...

Are you thinking about setting up marketing automation? Do you want to rethink your current technology? Do you feel that marketing automation is not bringing the promised results? We can solve this. Contact us or book your appointment now.

Next steps to "always-on" marketing

Buyer Journey

De kopersreis bestaat uit een reeks beslissingen verdeeld over de tijd en over meerdere contactpunten. Als je deze inzichten hebt, zet je bezoekers doeltreffender om in leads of klanten.

Marketing strategie

Mocht je nog niet stilgestaan hebben bij jouw bedrijfs- en marketingstrategie, dan raden we jou aan om een stapje terug te zetten. Markitect coacht KMO’s met een duidelijk stappenplan.

Content marketing

Waardevolle content is de brug tussen jouw doelgroep en bedrijf. Plus de basis van inbound marketing. We bieden content op maat zowel tekstueel als audiovisueel.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to both the technology and the marketing methodology to guide leads through your funnel. The technology allows you to automate repetitive tasks and supports your team to nurture leads with relevant content until they are ready to sell. 

In short, marketing automation is about lead generation, lead intelligence, lead nurturing, lead scoring and lead qualification.

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